Author: Richard Haines

Posted: 03 May 2020

take me there

    On friday i sent out a tweet. This tweet was a calling to all of the twitterverse asking for support in spreading through their networks my wanting of a new role. I sent this late in the night, just before i was going to bed with the thinking that i would wake up and have a few likes and retweets.

    How wrong I was! It absolutely exploded! This being of course relative to the amount of traction my tweets normally get. I was so overwhelmed by the response! So many times when we scroll through Twitter there is negativity, direct or indirectly aimed at stacks, people, race, sex etc..

    I love Twitter, I've only been using it for a short while, maybe a year or so but I have found it a wonderful place to learn from and follow amazing people. I guess it depends on the people you follow, but even then you get some negative talk showing its ugly head via retweets or comments on tweets that people you follow send.

    But among the good and the bad sometimes comes wonderful things, I have received two offers to chat about potential opportunities with really exciting companies! Even if nothing comes of these opportunities in terms of work, i will have learnt more by way of interviewing, gained confidence in my own ability to attract work, and above all seen the power of Twitter as a tool when harnessed in the right way.

    I would also love to give a special shout out to all the corgis I hang with in Chris Biscardi's Party Corgi Discord for their love and support. 💖

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