A Digital Garden

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I've spent the last few days trying to get some work done on a piece for FaunaDB in the few half hours I have while my baby son sleeps during the day. He's not yet 1 year old but we have him on a sort of schedule, so I can get some work done between 12:00 and 13:30 depending on the day. It just so happens that my other two children come home from school at around 13:40 everyday so the gap to work is tight to say the least.

I have an agreement with my wife that I can code in the evenings, not every night as that would be too much, but every other or whatnot. Im currently on parental leave, home with my baby boy for 6 months. This happened to come a good time given the current crisis covering the world, and I am thankful that I get to spent this time with him, watching him grow before my eyes and do and try new things at every moment.

I love coding. If I wasn't married with 3 children I would probably code 24/7. That's straight up. I started coding at 33 and have been doing it for just over 3 and a half years. I sometimes wish I had started earlier so that I would have had more time to hone my skills as there is so much to learn, so much cool stuff I want to do but with so little time in the day to do it.

I had an idea a while back about writing email with MDX, I then saw a tweet from josh about the same thing and decided to get on it and turn my notes into a reality. I started out by exploring the MDX docs, then I went through SMTP servers thinking about a serverless solution, checked out other solutions and eventually realized that I lack the time to put into this endeavour.

By the way, how many times do you misspell a word in md/mdx and just google it, copy paste it and leave that tab open for future words? Ive got mine open right now with endeavour currently the word in question...

During this process I consulted Chris Biscardi's website for some knowledge about all of the above. If you ever have an idea I highly recommend checking his site out as he posts mad knowledge about a ton of subjects. Anyway, while I was there I saw the word garden in his header, I knew instantly that it was a reference to his digital garden but I realized I actually had no idea what that actually meant, so I clicked it. My eye was instantly drawn to his very aptly named "What is a Digital Garden".

It was from here that I saw a link to Joel Hooks' article about this exact same thing. And I have to say that this has blown my mind wide open. I sat for a bit, thinking about redoing my website to correspond to this new way of thinking. I then realized that I was missing the point completely. Its not about marketing yourself via your posts. I didn't need to re-design my site to fit this new narrative, I could just start writing!

I think writing from the heart is a beautiful thing, I haven't thought this post through so much, im just typing what comes to me as thoughts and it feels good! That's not to say that all my writing will be like this from now on. The whole concept of a digital garden is that you do away with the rigid structure of traditional blogs that are sorted by date and category (exactly like mine is today), instead you write about about ideas, small pieces that can grow later on.

Get it down then get it done!

Anyway, this is my first idea piece, its not much in way of ideas, and you probably wont find it useful. But that's ok, because it not just for you, its for me.