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So I bought a domain, it was an easy decision on the name to be honest. enkelcms.com. Enkel means simple in Swedish (I live in Sweden). The idea is for this to be a super simple blog CMS that my wife can use. Now that the domain is purchased I have begun jotting down some initial notes. These are not in order of importance, merely as they came to me.

  • WYSIWYG editor - Use react-draft-wysiwyg
  • Image and post storage - AWS DynamoDB
  • Nested folder structure
  • Work 100% on mobile - potentially a minimal function mobile app as well?
  • Save as draft, publish, edit and delete
  • Fetch via graphql endpoint - AWS AppSync
  • Fetch as JSON via REST endpoint - AWS API Gateway
  • Gatsby source plugin?
  • Authentication - AWS Cognito
  • Create folders outside of post creation screen. If a folder doesn't exist when creating a post then it can be created in the post creation page. It's then saved as a new (nested) folder
A notepad with some notes