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This is my blog, there are many like it, but this one is mine. I write about stuff i code, problems i encounter and projects im working on. Use the search bar below to filter posts by any keyword, or the category buttons to choose a post category đź•ş

Notes on JavaScript

Course link: beginnerjavascript.com Global Variables A variable created in a javascript file while not inside of a function, module or code block. Can be accessed from anywhere. var variables are…

Category: JavaScript

19 Mar 2020

Everyday GIT commands

This is a collection of notes for everyday git commands. Add an existing project to git Create a new repository on github, then from the projects root: First we are initializing the local directory as…

Category: GIT

27 Mar 2020

React context with TypeScript

When we create a context using TypeScript the compiler expects us to provide a default value, usually, but not always, this is set to null or undefined. This is fine in a JavaScript project but when…

Category: TypeScript

27 Mar 2020

Redwood ecommerce with Snipcart

Im my previous post First look at RedwoodJS i took a look at Redwood with fresh eyes and documented what i found interesting. I did have an idea to just outline adding snipcart to a RedwoodJS…

Category: Tutorial

25 Mar 2020

First look at RedwoodJS

RedwoodJS is a new opinionated full stack, serverless web app framework that takes all the good parts of what a JAMstack website offers and packages it up into something that promises to offer all the…

Category: First Look

23 Mar 2020

How to make a gatsby ecommerce theme. Part 2

We have setup our project but it doesn't do much right now. Lets add a backend to store our products! This is part 2 in a series of tutorials. The format is step by step. Setup a project Added our…

Category: Tutorial

11 Mar 2020

How to make a gatsby ecommerce theme. Part 1

We're going to go from start to finish and create a gatsby theme that you can deploy as an npm package. In the first part we will cover the base setup of the project. This is part 1 in a series of…

Category: Tutorial

10 Mar 2020

CSS grid with theme-ui

Before i knew how to do this i was using media queries.... When i started using theme-ui i was already an avid emotion user. I would splatter my files with styled components without really thinking…

Category: Theme-ui

25 Feb 2020