This is my garden, there are many like it, but this one is mine. Its a place for me to sow my ideas, some i will grow, some i wont. 🌼

Notes on GSAP

The basics I'm trying to up my css and animation game, this is a record of my notes taken while looking into GSAP . I'll constantly be adding to it as I go. The main purpose of this record is a…

Category: Animation

26 May 2020

The Power of Twitter

On friday i sent out a tweet. This tweet was a calling to all of the twitterverse asking for support in spreading through their networks my wanting of a new role. I sent this late in the night, just…

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03 May 2020

React Emoji Component

Im working on a project where I use a lot of emoji (because I love them! 😍), so I decided to create an Emoji component, because you know, it's the right thing to do. I had it setup pretty good I…

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10 Aug 2020

Pinned blog post

So let's say you have your Gatsby blog all setup using MDX for your blog posts. Perhaps you have written a post that you want to pin to the top of your list of posts in your blog index, this post is…

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31 Jul 2020

use-cloudinary - useUpload hook

Cloudinary is a great resource for handling and managing your images, with dynamic query string manipulation of the images you can deliver optimized, pictures to fit any applications needs. I've…

Category: First Look

29 Jul 2020

Side project distractions

A couple of weeks ago I had an idea, I'd been in the process of updating my profile picture across my different social media platforms, as well as correcting some bio info. During the undertaking of…

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06 Jul 2020

Jamstack and the power of serverless with FaunaDB

In this article we will create a Jamstack website powered by Gatsby, Netlify Functions, Apollo and FaunaDB. Our site will use the Harry Potter API for its data that will be stored in a FaunaDB…

Category: Tutorial

16 Jun 2020

use-cloudinary - Controlling our folders

Following on from my article about the use-cloudinary - useSearch hook , this time we'll be streamlining our code and diving into some of whats possible with when manipulating our cloudinary folders…

Category: First Look

19 Aug 2020

Setup Expo with FaunaDB via Vercel

Setup Im currently working on a project which will be a mobile app for parents to swap unused items. To do this im using Expo with a FaunaDB database. I had already setup a project with Fauna and…

Category: Serverless

11 May 2020

Custom FaunaDB hooks for new project

I've got a new project on my mind. It's going to be a mobile app created with Expo and FaunaDB . I know that Fauna can handle user authentication, im currently unsure if I will use that or not as I…

Category: Serverless

08 May 2020

FaunaDB CRUD hooks (WIP)

While still a work in progress, learning in public is fun! With that in mind id like to share v1 of my FaunaDB CRUD hooks. Ive tested them locally and they work. They provide simple abstractions…

Category: Serverless

08 May 2020

How I created a company then sold it

The idea Before I was a software developer I was a scaffolder, for 6 years. It wasn't what I wanted to do, I had moved to Sweden in 2010 having gone to university in London and met my would be wife…

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06 May 2020

use-cloudinary - useSearch

Following on from my article about the use-cloudinary useUpload hook - use-cloudinary - useUpload hook , this time we'll be taking a look at the useSearch hook, and its a powerful beast! My use case…

Category: First Look

11 Aug 2020

A Digital Garden

I've spent the last few days trying to get some work done on a piece for FaunaDB in the few half hours I have while my baby son sleeps during the day. He's not yet 1 year old but we have him on a sort…

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25 Apr 2020

Add Theme-ui to Next

How to add theme-ui to NEXTjs Today i decided to finally take the plunge and start learning NEXTjs . I've been working with Gatsby for two over years now, have created many sites and themes and…

Category: Theme-ui

24 Apr 2020

CSS grid responsive cards

Responsive cards with css grid. Whenever we want to display a bunch of cards on a page we want them to be responsive. We want the columns and rows to be dynamic depending on the screen width. To that…

Category: CSS

07 Apr 2020

Text with linear gradient background

How to add a linear gradient background to text. I was looking to add the Harry Potter Hogwarts houses colours to each of the houses names on mouse hover. The solution was surprisingly simple, after a…

Category: CSS

07 Apr 2020

Everyday GIT commands

This is a collection of notes for everyday git commands. Add an existing project to git Create a new repository on github, then from the projects root: First we are initializing the local directory as…

Category: GIT

27 Mar 2020

React context with TypeScript

When we create a context using TypeScript the compiler expects us to provide a default value, usually, but not always, this is set to null or undefined. This is fine in a JavaScript project but when…

Category: TypeScript

27 Mar 2020

Redwood ecommerce with Snipcart

Im my previous post First look at RedwoodJS i took a look at Redwood with fresh eyes and documented what i found interesting. I did have an idea to just outline adding snipcart to a RedwoodJS…

Category: Tutorial

25 Mar 2020

First look at RedwoodJS

Introduction to RedwoodJS RedwoodJS is a new opinionated full stack, serverless web app framework that takes all the good parts of what a JAMstack website offers and packages it up into something that…

Category: First Look

23 Mar 2020

Notes on JavaScript

Course link: Global Variables A variable created in a javascript file while not inside of a function, module or code block. Can be accessed from anywhere. var variables are…

Category: JavaScript

19 Mar 2020

How to make a gatsby ecommerce theme. Part 2

We have setup our project but it doesn't do much right now. Lets add a backend to store our products! This is part 2 in a series of tutorials. The format is step by step. Setup a project Added our…

Category: Tutorial

11 Mar 2020

How to make a gatsby ecommerce theme. Part 1

We're going to go from start to finish and create a gatsby theme that you can deploy as an npm package. In the first part we will cover the base setup of the project. This is part 1 in a series of…

Category: Tutorial

10 Mar 2020

CSS grid with theme-ui

When i started using theme-ui i was already an avid emotion user. I would splatter my files with styled components without really thinking about if they could (or should) be shared. It was a well…

Category: Theme-ui

25 Feb 2020